R’ Zushe approached the Vaad of Kfar Chabad and asked them for suggestions as to where the Palace should be located.

They showed him an aerial photograph of Kfar Chabad and after a brief consultation, they decided on three possible locations. One of them was right next to Beis Agudas Chasidei Chabad in Eretz Yisrael – 770.

R’ Zushe lost no time. He took the first plane he could get to New York, and on Friday morning, minutes before ten o’clock, R’ Zushe was waiting near the Rebbe’s room for the Rebbe to come out for Shacharis.
He had the aerial map and possible locations marked on it.

The Rebbe, smiling broadly, took the photograph from him and immediately said, “YOU SHOULD HAVE A LOT OF PARNASSA.”

A few hours later, the Rebbe sent out his answer with Rabbi Groner ( see copy ): “NEAR BEIS AGUCH (NEAR 770 IN KFAR CHABAD ).

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