R’ Zushe heard the Rebbe’s response in utter surprise. He had thought of building an ordinary home, yet this was the Rebbe’s incredible answer.

R’ Zushe immediately met with architect Zev Marganit. At the end of their meeting, they said l’chaim on the Rebbe’s mashke (vodka); when they parted  it was close to midnight .

Very early in the morning, the architect phoned R’ Zushe who was still asleep. “THE PLANS ARE READY!” called out the architect. “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? SUCH BLUEPRINTS DEMAND WEEKS OF WORK!” answered a bewildered R’ Zushe.

Zev responded: “Well, when I got home, I felt an urge to get started on the plans. I sat down and began drawing. Suddenly, I felt as if my hand had stopped obeying me and was running swiftly on the paper.  In disbelief, a complete blueprint of a magnificent palace with all its most intricate details lay before my eyes…
My hand did hold the pencil, but it certainly did not draw such perfect plans!
All I can say is that the Rebbe himself drew his own blueprints…

R’ Zushe showed the plans to many architects and they all came to the same conclusion:
“No human hand could have done such a superb job!!!”

The blueprints were sent to the Rebbe who answered “RECEIVED AND THANK YOU. FOR NOW, WAIT TO BUILD…”
The Rebbe included ten coins with the letter: Five lira coins and five half dollars.

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