In 5738 (1978), the year in which the idea of building a palace for the Rebbe first came up, construction of the “Beis Menachem” shul in Kfar Chabad, named for the Rebbe, was completed.

The gabbaim of the shul wanted to invite the Rebbe to participate in the inauguration of the shul, and the Rebbe asked for a written invitation.

The invitation was written and many of Anash signed it. The invitation said that they invite the Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach to the inauguration of the shul.
Reb Zushe Rivkin, one of the gabbaim, gave it to the Rebbe who gave him $1800 in single dollar bills to distribute to whoever signed on the invitation.

The Rebbe said: ” Give only to those who have already signed; as for those who will sign afterwards, may Hashem give them from His full and open and holy and expansive hand, and if there are leftover bills, do good things with them.”

Many bills were left over. In 5752, after the Rebbe gave permission for the palace to be built, R’ Zushe suggested that the remaining dollars be sold to those who contributed towards the building of the palace, with the assurance that contributors would be blessed with what they needed. The Rebbe agreed to this idea on condition:

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